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IFGE Logo Transgender is an umbrella term covering a range of situations where your gender identity does not match the physical sex you were born with. My partner is transgendered so I have done much research on the topic on my journey to acceptance and figured some of that info might be useful to others and thus this page.

I'm a Southern Comfort Conference Alumni!Southern Comfort October in Atlanta
I attended 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
Policy Confrence and Lobby Days National Center for Transgender Equality
IFGE List of Events
Dignity Cruise
Local Groups
(for places I live or have friends, not all groups) listing has many more
has a variety of chapters
TGEA Trans Gender Education Association in Washington DC
Tri Ess in Chicago
Trans Familiy in Cleveland, Ohio
Companies & Businesses
Marci Bowers in Colorado
Ingersoll Gender Center in Seattle
Gender Reassignment Surgery in Montreal
Detailed explination of Surgical Procedures with illustrations, NO PHOTOS
Carla's Salon in San Jose
Alternative Health Associates
Maureen Schantz, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia - hair removal, massage, facials
Tampa Gender Identity Program
Media: Books, Magazines, and Movies
BC's book reports Gender and Transgender Theory
Gender Talk Radio
CDS Bookstand
IFGE TG Movie Short List
International Journal of Transgenderism
A Primer by Transgender Nation - What is Transgender?
I reccomend that anyone Starting Hormones read this article
TransParent newsletter
Transgenderists is probally the closest definition to my partner that there is.
Sexuality in Transsexual and Transgender Individuals
by Harper Jean Tobin
Anmar's views on gender
A Study of the Components of Gender Identity by Dawn R. Banks
TG Resources
Sex Police Intersexed children
Raphael's Androgyny RAQ
Trans Care Project
Project to teach health care providers about TG patients by the Vancouver Costal Health TG health program
Transsexual Hormone Therapy FAQ
Hair Removal List of options
WebMD Best Options
Post Op
Personal Web Pages
B.C. Holmes
A Way Babe!
Gwen Smith
Capitol Girls Gender-Gifted Belles of the South
Diane Wilson Differently Gendered
Web Resources
Gender.Org Gender Education & Advocacy WebSite
IFGE International Foundation for Gender Education
The looking glass society
Based in South-West of England has a good selection of on line articles about transexualism.
TransMan's Information Project
Support groups for Gender Variant Children and Teenagers, basked in the UK
Cross Dressers Web Ring
TG Forum Web Ring
Transexuality has a colletion of gender tests
Susan's Place Transgender Resources
Gianna E Israel Gender Library
Dr Becky good collection on transistion and surgery
Transexual Women's Resources
Anne A. Lawrence, MD
Above & Beyond Gender Resources - Lists LOTS of Resources.
Nu-Woman Transgender Cabaret
Transgender Forum and Resource Center
Trans World

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