Star's Queer Page
I like the word Queer because it is a catchall, my sexual orientation, my partners gender, the face that I have more then one relationship, or even the fact that I'm open about my sexuality.
Many of my queer topics have their own page On this page you will find
Education and Positive Sexuality
Blowfish Good Products for Great Sex (tm)
Sex Life Magazine Was my favorite but it folded
Good Vibrations
Toys in Babeland
Society for Human Sexuality
Sex Education Web Ring
Dr. Ruth (Wikipedia)
Greenery Press Reading for the Sexually Adventurous
Coalition for Positive Sexuality
You have the right to complete and honest sex education
Planned parenthood
Alt.Sex has good sections on poly,bi and TG
Muff Diving FAQ a how to of information
The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
Hoot Island
Silly sex for silly people
AASECT American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists
Some times we have to recover from abuse
RAINN Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
NOMSV The National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization
JT's Stockroom
Nice set of Suspension cuffs which are great for folks with carpel tunnel.
S and M dot com
Kinky Cards Send your favorite partner a e-postcard
KAP Kink Aware Professionals
Safer Sex
The safest sex is with yourself see Blowfish for lots of toys
Yeap I realized I have them listed twice, they are that good! Here is my favorite toy
Condomania's world of safer sex
Lots of information and condom reviews
AIDS Resource List
World AIDS Day
Safer Sex Methods
What is the riskiness of this action, what are the ways to make sex safer?
Wikipedia on Safer Sex
STD info from Planned Parenthood.
None of the Above
Iris collection of erotic drawings.
Sex Work Cyber Resource & Support Center
Alternative Lifestyles
Henry & June Lingerie
Including Plus sizes
World Sex records
The Ultimate Strip Club List
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