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Heart with infinity symbol Polyamory is being open to having sexual loving relationships with more then one partner. It can take many shapes and different poly people use different rules and terms. I have identified as poly for over a decade, and looking back was having open poly relationships in high-school but didn't have a word for it.

Face to Face and Email Poly Groups:
NOTE: this is not intended to be an inclusive list, it is groups that I have been involved with in some way.
You can find many other groups thru the Support and Networking FAQ
KanPoly is the group for Kansas that I am active with
They have a yahoo group, and monthly meetings in Lawrence and Wichita.
DC and Virginia area
Yahoo group for mono folks in a committed relationship with someone who is poly
Online Resources
Polyamory Weekly
Blog and Podcast from Minx about polyamory
Alt.polyamory home page
I've been to Alt.Polycon One (Minneapolis), Three (San Francisco), and Four (Chicago)
Some Alt.Poly folks
Culture FAQ has TONS of good book references
Loving More Magazine
I've subscribed for years, lots of good articles
Love Without limits
Dr Deborah Anapol wrote a great book on polyamory
Polyamory Society
[PAARC Ribbon] PAARC Polyamory Awareness and Acceptance Ribbon Campaign
Howard's Polyamory Index
Great collection of links and info
The Polyamorous Misanthrope
Wonderful articles by someone that has been there done that
Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness
Franklin's polyamory FAQ What, like two girlfriends?
Poly Matchmaker
Online dating site for poly folks
Intentional Communities
Poly friendly professionals
Open:Love, Sex & Life in an open marriage
Jenny Block book and collection of articles
Relationship LLC Limited Liability Company
Poly comic, part of PolyFamilies web site
Venus Envy Comic with poly themes
Liberated Christians poly and swinging from a christian perspective
DMOZ open directory - polyamory
The Parrot is one of the symbols of Polyamry so here is a place you can get Parrot Gifts
Articles on Poly
My friend Lana wrote a paper on Poly Commitment in Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships
Dim Sum and Polyamory
Poly vs. Swinging
What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory
Poly Braided Band Committment ceremony
Poly Geek Relationship Disclosure Form
Poly Acronymns
The Bonobo Way a chimp with a very poly culture
Ribbon from PAARC
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