Travel Reports
2009 Ships and Dip 5 Cruise
We won a cruise with Barenaked Ladies and Gaelic Storm
2008 trip to Walt Disney World with Pooch, Mike, Tracy, Holly, Peter and the god-kids
Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Kennedy Space Center
2007 trip to Orlando
Star, Pooch, Joanne for WDW and Alliance confrence
2005 drive to New York with Pooch
Buffalo, Niagra Falls, Mom's Wedding, Pro Football HOF
2002 drive to East Coast with Pooch
Indy, Ohio, PA, DC, DEL, C/U
2001 drive to California with Pooch
Grand Canyon, Christmas in Stockton, Rockys...
2000 trip to England with Pooch
Barbara's Wedding, London, Tintangle, Glastonbury...
1999 Move to Lawrence, KS
1997 San Antonio Worldcon
1996 trip to Florida with Pooch
Clearwater Beach, Pirates, Sun
1995 trip to Scotland with Holly
Islay, Worldcon, Rollar coasters...
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