Star's FAQ
Where do you live?
I currently live in Alexandria, VA Before that I lived in Lawrence, KS (1999-2009); Urbana, IL (1996-1999); Chicago (1982-1996); Kansas City (pre-1982)
Describe yourself please...
Female, 49, Programmer, Geek, bisexual, polyamorous, Pagan, UU.
What do you look like?
I'm about 5'7", around 300 lbs, Long grey hair, blue eyes, typical "viking breeding stock".
Do you have any pets?
Yes a Cat Tony Pet page
What do you do in an average week?
Work, watch TV with my partner, go out to dinner, have dinner with friends, goto some social meeting, play board games, have friends over, e-mail, facebook.
What social media do you do?
I used to be on usenet and read alt.polyamory and and then email lists and livejournal but now mostly Facebook.
What are some things you like?
Coffee, movies, science fiction & fantasy, vampires, board games, Highlander, Friends, folk music, rennisance festivals, Single malt scotch, fondue
Are you seeing anyone?
I have a longterm primary partner of 17 years.
Have you ever been married?
Yes twice. To David Wruck 1987-1991 and to Holly Wilper 1995-1997
What sign are you?
I'm a Leo
What are some of your accomplishmenets?
Outpost GLBT Community Center volunteer of the month in Febuary of 1998.
Getting published in Trans Forming Families
I want to get you a present, what do you want?
I think you are kewl and want to send you email / meet you / date you is that okay?
You are welcome to send me email, please let me know what you found interesting.
Are you on AIM, Facebook, Linked In...
Very likely - I usually use StarStraf as my username
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