Samantha Star Straf's Fannish Resume
First Contact Star Trek: Mom would come home and we would watch Star Trek (classic) before she would start dinner. To this day original episodes make me hungry
First Author I really fell in love with the Genre with Nancy Springer's White Hart it was the first time I remember reading something and going out and finding more by the same author. It was a great pleasure getting to have dinner with her at Name that Con in St. Louis.
First Convention Fool Con II in Kansas City about 1978? My mom and I had a great time but we didn't realize there were others. I remember watching Bambi vs Godzilla.
First SF Club In college I hooked up with Galaxy Rangers - the SF&F fan club at Northwestern, in fact that is where Pooch and I met.
Second Convetion My second convetion should have been Capricon 82 but thru some serious miscommunications I was unable to attend - if you want details of that fiasco ask Richard Sheaves. My actual second convention was Capricon IV (was that 1983?)
Number of conventions attended Current count is 108 (5/98)
Conventions attended I'm sure I left some out there but: Windycon, Capricon, Minicon, X-Con, Congenial, Conquest, Contraception, Arcon, Czarcon, Name that Con, Fool Con, ICon, Demicon, Conamzoo, ToBeContinued, Conflation, Confustion, Chambanacon, Kubla Khan, Duckcon, Concept, Scorpio, Con-Petrol
Worldcons Attended Chicon, Magicon, ConFrancisco, Conadian, Intersection, LosCon, SanAntonio, Baltimore, Chicon 2000
Conventions worked Congenial (Guest Liason), Chicon (Green Room / Autographing), Conamazoo (Programming / Vice Chair / Guest Liason), various others as volunteer
Fan Guest at Contraception (1994), Conquest (1999), Congenial (1999)
Fannish Activities APA 69 (1991- folding); KC in 2000 bid parties; Constume contests (1989-1991); Been online since Meltdown in 1991; Been on panels at various conentions; RPG since 1980; Major libary and art collection; One of Tucker's grandaughters; Dawn Patrol
Non-SF conventions Polycon (programming for IV), Southern Comfort (TG confernce, panels), Convo (Interweave - GLBT group of Unitarian Universalist Church, co-chair)
Non-SF honors Essay Published in Trans Forming Families by Mary Boenke, Editor ISBN 0-9663272-1-7 (March 1999); Outpost GLBT Community Center Volunteer of the Month (February 1998)
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