Star's Handheld Geek Toys
I have a Nuvi 255 that we got from my out-laws for Christmas 2008
Garage Sales to Garmin My instructions for how I put my weekly garage sale habit on my Garmin
We use the Black Pearl icon from the garage for our vehicle.
Pooch likes the Dr Nightmare Voice, but I like the TTS(Text to speech) voices
Eventually I want to try Geocaching
I need to investigate POI (Point of Interest) files
POI Factory
POI Handler
I would be lost without my brain
I have had
I originally had a Palm Pilot Professional
For my Birthday 1998 my sweetie and some friends got together and got it for me but it fell down and went CRACK over thanksgiving 2000. I sold the broken palm on E-bay
Palm III
My second Palm my sweetie got me for christmas 2000
Handspring Visor
I upgraded so I could have color to show my photos
Tungsten E
Program sources
PalmGear has tons of programs
Tucows PDA
Handdango you select your device and it shows only compatable software
Gadgeteer Palm OS related reviews
Palm Desktop Software, Palm OS, Hot Sync
I'm a HMaki addict
Read my Epinions review
Bejeweled is also addictive
The first program I registered they also have yahtChallenge and Guess me
I think I prefer the online version, this eats up battery power
Solitare programs Freeware
Database program I have files for xmas lists, movies to see, zodiac signs...
catalog books, cd's, movies (details)
I'm working on entering restraunts for Lawrence, KS. Read my Epinions review
Advantage of having graphics, and liked the controls here is a Review of various readers
Teal Doc Library
Backup Buddy
Wine Master
I like that you can sync palm and desktop versions
variety of reference documents in various formats - Doc, Jfile, TealDoc, MobilDB
We use TracFone prepaid cell phone
I have a Motorola C155
Someday we will get 'real' cell phones are we are looking at...
iPhone with AT&T Service
AT&T currently $129 for two lines 700 minutes + $30 texting
Treo pro with Sprint or AllTel
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