Star's Garage Sale to Garmin
Step by step instructions for how I plan my garage sale adventures
Find local listings
In Lawrence there is
Lawrence Journal world
Craigs List
Put local listings into text editor
I use UltraEdit
Create Web Page of Listings
For the LJW I so a search replace of "Email to a friend Print this classified" with <li>
I paste the list section over lastweeks listings
Print copy of this to take along
Create listing of just addresses
I find it easiest just to manually cutout all non-adddress text in my file
Create addresses spreadsheet
Columns: Title, Street1, City, State,Country
All are prefilled except street is blank
Past the addresses into the Street1 Column
Sample File
Create Map
I use Community Walk
Create new map
Bluk Edit, Paste in info from the Spreadsheet, Process Data, Save
You now have an overview map
Print Map
I take a screen shot Ctrl + PrtScn
Paste into Irfanview
Crop to just the area I want - sometimes I add text to clarify overlapping numbers
This is where I stopped before I had my Garmin
Export map info
From Community Walk Bulk Edit, export current map to file
You could just use your earlier spreadsheet but this gives you latitude and longitude
I'm still experimenting here for best way
Create import spreadsheet
Open file into Excel
Clear out unneeded columns
Rename columns
Name StreetAddress1 City State PostCode Latitude Longitude
I might later keep Description column with hours of sale
Save as .csv
Create POI file
I use GeePeeEx Editor
$17.99 for more then 5 entries
Open your garagesales.csv
Save as a .gpx file
Import to Garmin
Open Garmin POI Loader
Remove all custom POI's
So don't keep last weeks sales
Load POI's (Point of Interest)
You are now ready to find bargins
I use the overview map to determin what route to take thru town and then the garmin to go from sale to sale
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