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fanish globe Worldcons:
Eventually I will be able to start going to worldcons again
2010 Nasfic in Raleigh NC might be the first one back
2011 Reno
worldcon bids BIDS for future worldcons
Past Worldcons I attended:
Chicon - Chicago 1991
Magicon - Orlando 1992
ConFransisco - San Fransisco 1993
Conadian - Winnapeg 1994
Intersection - Glasgow 1995 Trip report
LACon - Los Angeles 1996
LoneStarCon - San Antonia 1997 Trip report
BucConeer - Baltimore 1998
Chicon - Chicago 2000
fanish globe  Conventions:
These are convetions I have gone to or that I do goto
I'm not traveling out of KC area much - supporting a grad student)
Oct, St.Louis MO, amazing costuming
Feb, Chicago IL
Nov (Thanksgiving), Springfield IL, Haven't made it since it left C/U
(on hold) March, Wisconsin, Lots of fun, Great music
May (Memorial Day), Kansas City MO, Have kept going to this thru the PhD years
Con Patrol(Czarcon)
(dead) Feb, KC Area, Annual meeting of the Dawn Patrol (21 and over)
Nov, Kansas City MO, 21 and over
July, Bloomington MN
May, Des Moines Iowa
Oct, Iowa City
Apr (Easter), Minniapolis MN, Good music
Nov, Chicago IL, Lots of my friends
Other conventions can be found at:
Locus Convention Listings
Scifi Conventions
Wilf's International Con Listings
fanish globe SF Clubs:
Galaxy Rangers at Northwestern University
Dawn Patrol LogoDawn Patrol
Lawrence SF Interest Group
KaCSFFS Kansas City
StLSFS St Louis MO
fanish globe Photos:
Midamerican Fan Photo Archive
Fred's Congenial X photos where I was Harem Mistress Guest of Honor in October 1999
Hazel's Picture Gallery
fanish globe Virtual Con:
Meet other Fans Fandom Directory by FanData
Hucksters Huckster beanie
John Jamison Bookseller
You know that bookseller that can identify a book you read 30 years ago that had a cat and a brick well and a purple cover? This is him! He specializes in used and hard to find books.
OffWorld Designs OffWorld Designs
Airbrushed T-Shirts by Ray VanTilburg. A large chunk of my wardwrobe is from these folks.
Dancing Wolf Studio Shirts and prints by Sandra SanTara
Yard Dog Press
Fannish Hucksters listing
SMOF (Secret Masters of Fandom)
ConRunners Wiki
Convention Running Resources
Books & Comics book beanie
Discuss James Tiptree, Jr Award winners
SF&F books that explore and expand gender roles.
Find a used book thru:
MX book finder
John Jamison
Get a new book at Amazon
Find out what is coming out soon from Tor Books
Read Locus Magazine
Join an APA (Amature Press Association)
I used to be in APA69 but it folded
Check out the Hottub
Check out the Art Show art pallet
Sandra SanTara
I have the entire Guardian series
Atomic Fly Studios
Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Gaming dice
You can often find my sweetie playing Magic: The Gathering
I have more game info on my Humor & Games page.
Our favorite game is now Carcassone
Find out what is new with NASA
As a General Technics person what's up.
Discuss current shows on SciFi channel
fanish globe Links:
SF Fandom Web Ring
SF Convention Web Ring
Fanac Fan History Project
Pictures of past worldcons and lots and lots of info
Laurie Mann has a great Fannish Home Page
SFSite has lots of book reviews
Background stolen from my friend Kimberly Reck.
Many icons stolen from the L.A.con III site

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