From a very early age I learned to treasure the kind special relationship that is particular to close friends. Although I grew up a bit on the shy side I somehow always found special people around me and made those select people into friends. Through the years I have lost track of too many of these people and feel the lesser for it. However, email and the web have made staying in contact so much easier. I sincerely hope that I never again lose a friend simply because of the physical distance between us. Here's a brief sample of some of those people that I'm privledged to call my friends.

Tim Harline and Kirsten Frank (no webpage)
What can I say about T & K? They are simply some of the dearest individuals I've ever known. Kirsten and I entered Northwestern the same year and I was honored to be the Best Man at their wedding. Hopefully they've managed to forgive me for embarassing them at their reception. When my father died they were the first to be by my side and I will always be grateful to them for standing by me at that time and at every time since then when I have needed the support. They welcomed a new addition to their household: Emily Harline, who is just dangerously smart as one would expect from her gene contributors.

Richard Smith
I've know Richard since the 7th grade. We were in the same Boy Scout troop and have been friends ever since. Together we saw pretty much every SF/F motion picture released during the 80s (Highlander - good, RobotJox - very, very bad) and we ate far more ice cream than should have been possible for two human beings. We were college roomates at Chico state where we occasionally played chess in the back of Biology lectures and stayed up late trying to prove impossible geometry theorems. Twas at Chico that he met Annette who would become his wife and I had the honor of being their best man. He's running marathons now when he's not busy running his company, taking care of the kids, or surprising Annette with his next kewl vacation/anniversary destination.

John Cardosa (no webpage)
John really ought to have a webpage of his own as I'm sure there are hundreds of his former students just waiting for an available link. He was my high school speech coach (thank you for providing a team that became so much more than that) and grew into a mentor and invaluable friend. Despite several years of staunch resistance he has finally been assimilated and has his own email address, which, out of the goodness of my heart, I have decided NOT to post here. You owe me John. All too often it is his voice I hear in my brain with one of his special aphorisms: "Patience is a virtue; it is also a discipline."

Ms. Caitlyn Antrim (no webpage)
Currently advisor on Law of the Sea issues, former restraunteer and sommelier, Catie's been a wonderful friend with whom I've shared many an adventure: happy, sad and indeterminant. I'm looking forward to more adventures once I can move back to the DC area. She's the one that introduced me to the Lord of the Dance and to the Four Bitchin' Babes. In return I taught her how to play Magic:TG and she's never forgiven me for the effect on her pocketbook. She's a bit fixated on the Green Lantern but we all have to have our faults.

Holly Wilper
A woman with a fabulous sense of what makes a good bridesmaid's gown, juggler, horserider, Tai Chi mistress, biologist, computer geek with a penchant for falling for other computer geeks, and all around wonderfully sweet person. In a bizarre way she's the reason why I ended up moving to Champaign/Urbana and therefore its her fault that I had to leave all the wonderful people I have met while in Champaign/Urbana including her husband Peter who truly is the computer geek she's always lusted after. She has been busy in recent years by working for Intel and raising their daughters Rowan, Willow, and Hazel.

Friends I've lost track of... <Under Construction>
This will link to a page of friends that I've largely lost contact with and/or folks that I rarely talk to but often miss terribly.

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