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The Academic Side

I have seen my fair share of institutions of higher learning. I started my collegiate career as an Intergrated Science Program major at Northwestern University. A year of intense math, chemistry, and physics convinced me that I would be better served by a transfer and I found myself at California State University: Chico. I spent a year and a half there taking a variety of coursework and successfully competing in both Forensics (speech and debate) and Model United Nations. A onetime quadruple major in chemistry, speech communications, international studies, and political science, I decided upon political science and returned to Northwestern, finishing my bachelors in two years and specializing in research methods.

I returned to school two years later after a stint in the computer support and desktop publishing industries. I devoured the National Security Studies program at California State University: San Bernardino, graduating with honors at a time when the program was in transition from its previous Cold War emphasis. I took a little time to indulge back into debate. I left California for Washington DC but was seduced back into the computer support industry.

Several years later I became disenchanted with my previous employment and decided to re-enter academia with the goal of making the transfer from jobs (albeit lucrative ones) in the computer industry to a career in political science research. Despite enticing offers from Penn State and Rice I decided to attend the University of Kansas, partially for the research freedom but also to be reunited with professors I had known while at Northwestern. While there I rediscovered my interest in low intensity conflict and terrorism and continued my interest in research methods, advocating a "the more the merrier" approach to absorbing new research tools. This served me well in the prosecution of a dissertation that was far afield from the kinds of large-n number crunching I had originally envisioned for myself. Employing the operational code analysis tool from political psychology I delved into the belief systems of al-Qaeda and Hamas comparing the groups to each other as well as a reference group of state leader belief systems: Terrorism's Operational Code: the Belief Systems of al-Qaeda and Hamas.

The Employment Side

After spending much of my employed life in either the computer industry or academia, I am actively seeking to transition into the area of professional political analysis and research. My primary choice would be to work within the federal government but barring an immediate opportunity I am open to work for private concerns.

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The Personal Life

I'm working on a personal webpage which should be up in a couple of months. Expect it to include links to my various gaming, cooking, and friends sites. For now I must direct you to this draft version of my personal page.

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