Just some friends in my life that I wish I

Danielle Cox
Skating star, ranked chess player, currently in the process of becoming a real estate mogul, friend and fellow SCC attendee. She's down in Florida so aside from the occasional IM conversation we just don't get the chance to talk like we used to. <pout>
Kathleen Finkler
Another casualty of my not getting to Atlanta very often, Kathleen will always have a warm spot in my heart for the "Do you like them? They're new!" moment which is indelibly etched into my brain...
Lisa Miller
She and I joined TGEA (DC) about the same time and spent a good deal of time together. Unfortunately she kinda disappeared from the TG community about the same time I moved away from DC and I haven't been able to find her since. Lisa, if you are out there, drop me a line and just let me know how your life is. I miss ya girlfriend!
Shelley Emerson
Formerly of DC and now a prominent resident of Atlanta. Since I stopped running off to Southern Comfort each year I rarely get to see her but she's still in my heart. She was one of the "gang" from TGEA and taught us all that country music ain't a bad thing although I never did get a handle on the texas two-step.
Debi Hahn
Debi was like a big sister to me when I moved to DC. Long time member of TGEA and past president, without her in my life I don't know that I would have had the courage to be all the woman I could be. She's also got a wicked fashion sense and you can blame her if you don't like my makeup - she taught me a lot especially the difference between glamour and daytime looks.
Suzi Casement
Star and I had our first date at her bachelorette party. She's a friend from our undergraduate days, a fellow ISP and one that actually went on to work in the science field - astrophysics. She's also a pretty awesome fencer, member of the SCA and regular attendee of PennSic.
Mark Debooth
Another friend from my undergraduate days. We also worked together at the help desk in DC. Another member of the "license, why get a driver's licence" club - although I do believe he finally broke down (as I did) and finally passed the d*** driving test.

Maria Guidry

DC help desk co-worker and gal pal. She moved away from DC a little after I did and no one seems to know where she is now. Hey Maria, drop me a line sometime.
Mark Goodwin
Another one of the DC help desk folk that I've just been out of touch with. Most memorable moment: "Wow you really do see the world differently than I do." A young lady had just passed us by. He commented on how cute she was; I commented on how cute her skirt was...
Katie Lofton
One of the last members of my graduate student cohort to leave. Katie helped keep me sane around the department. Whether it was dissing me about not being able to go out for a glass of beer or chatting about the latest advances, and retreats, in her love life, I'm not sure I would have made it without her. Grad school just ain't as fun without her around the department.